Personal Chef Services

Here are all the ways we can make your life more taste-FULL

Dinner Parties & Special Event In-home Catering

The main difference between a catering company and in-home catering provided by Tastefull is in the experience.

It starts with the menu. Traditional catering has limitations as to what dishes can be served. Those dishes have to be able to be transported, hold up in a warmer for hours or reheated, and typically have to be able to be handled by the person. From personal experience with most catering companies in Milwaukee, their range, flavor and service for small to medium size events have been lacking.

Party and event catering experience with Tastefull is radically different. It can be like peeking inside your favorite restaurant kitchen to see how the magic on your plate has been prepared, without having to leave your home. It’s simply having virtually any menu served fresh from the stove, so all the crunchy, delicate or temperamental dishes that have to be immediately served (such as steak) are now an option.

Size of the event is also a consideration. Tastefull will prepare food for your special occasion, from only 2 people for a truly intimate and romantic experience, all the way up to 50 people, depending on your event, location, etc. Is it a family or company BBQ or a birthday party, a family reunion, a graduation party, a bridal or baby shower, an open house or just a get together with friends? We’ll be happy to make it magical, and an experience your guests will be talking fondly about for a long time.

Weekly Meal Preparation

The personal chef service is just that, you get your own personal chef.

What it entails is this: the chef will plan your menu with you, designing it to your tastes and dietary needs. Chef Ben will shop for the ingredients in whichever way you prefer, be it your favorite grocers like Sendik’s or local co-op or even from the farm down the street. Then he will bring the groceries to your house and cook for you according to the meal plan you and he designed. He will clean up the kitchen and leave you with your meals in the refrigerator and /or freezer with a full set of warming / finishing and storage instructions.

Tastefull offers a wide range of meal plan options. The beauty of personal chef is that it’s personal. Chef Ben Zang believes that he is here to help enrich your life so with this in mind he is always open to discussing how to make his service work for you.

Cooking Classes

Are you a food enthusiast with a passion for learning? Let us help! Is there a recipe you are afraid to try and would like some professional back up? No problem. Do you just want to sit back and learn some new twist, while chatting with friends? Allow the chef to entertain you.

There can also be an earnest desire to fulfill some deep-seated yearning for culinary greatness; chef Ben can help with that too! If the wind blows from the East and you have got to learn how to make the best clam chowder on this side of the Atlantic, he has got the recipe. Whatever your curiosity, a cooking class is a great deal of fun, plus grading the food is the best part.

Chef Ben prefers a very hands-on approach to teaching but if you are more in the mood for just a demonstration, he can do that too.

“Little Chef” Kids’ Cooking Parties

Kids are amazing! So with this in mind a kids’ cooking party is a great birthday party for that kid with the culinary passion. These parties are interactive and educational for the whole family. It is a great idea to develop this life skill early in your child’s life, because being a good cook is a lifelong skill that will serve him or her forever.

Seduction Picnics

There comes a point in every relationship where a little romance is a welcome respite from the details of everyday life. This is where a surprise seduction picnic comes in. These picnics are designed to be a treat for the senses.

The chef and you will design a picnic basket for you to enjoy with your loved one. This picnic is to help you in sweeping that special someone off his or her feet, whether you take your beloved to that favorite spot in the woods or to the bedroom, the basket is there to help in your endeavor.

After years of being a committed romantic and working hard to sweep his wife off her feet, chef Ben has some wonderful ideas and treats to help fan the flames of passion for your loved one. Seduction Baskets are made up ahead of time and left with instructions for an exciting moment of romance.

Wine or Beer Tasting Parties

Everyone must create a little joy outside the box. Imagine getting together with your friends and trying some amazing taste combinations. We will pair some foods you might not expect. You will learn some of the philosophies to the wild world of pairings. Now, this class is for those over 21 and once the powers of these pairing secrets are out it is up to you to use them responsibly.


Gift Certificates


A personal chef service is an amazing gift to give to the person who has everything. It is also an invaluable gift for someone recovering from an illness or for a new or expecting parent, or for an elderly friend or a family member who could use both the company and good food. Give the service as a dinner party, private class, in the meal plan format or any of the other services. This generous and unique gift is sure to secure your place in gift giving lore for years to come!